My work on my second partner site is almost finished. It should be ready for a public launch by the middle of next month. It kind of has to be since it’s going to be featured in someone’s book by the end of February and it would be pretty lame if the site had nothing to really show. I have the general layout largely finished and the biggest thing left is to set up the individual projects to be featured on the portfolio pages. The second issue of Tales of Happenstance is almost ready to launch too, so February is going to be a busy month. To prevent this from being purely a “great stuff is coming soon, I promise” post, here is some art that’s going to be featured on this new second site. One of which is self-portrait of me, another is a drawing of Joe (the writer of Tales of Happenstance), and the last two being two new partners on my new site.

Sly Krapa Drawing Joe Ciano Drawing Ryan Lynch Drawing Darryl Steffan Drawing