Hey, it’s an actual blog post. So I haven’t made any news posts in a while, which was a shame because I had several new developments occur recently. The first of which is the start of my newest comic, The Smoke Man. As you can probably can tell from the few pages already up, this will have a bit more action going on then the first two stories on the site. This is already the most ambitious story I’ve put up so far, both in terms of length and in terms of plot.  This was originally supposed to be the second comic instead of Nocturnal Natalie, but I postponed it because I just felt the idea wasn’t fully there yet. It still doesn’t fully feel there yet, but I don’t feel like having it fester in my mind while waiting for it to reach some elusive state of perfection. When it comes to writing, it’s usually better just to write then to keep planning indefinitely. This will be my longest comic so far with 3 issues, which may or may not be the standard format for all future issues. That does mean I will be drawing this same script until probably this time next year, which is a little crazy. I would love to boost my page production to twice or three times a week to shorten that year-long commitment on this one story but it’s just not possible with my current workload.

Part of that workload is another comic I’m working on called Tales of Happenstance. I mentioned this comic a few blog posts back as the paid comic work I am doing for a friend, but I bring it up again because it’s completed and available for viewing. It’s my first attempt at coloring a complete comic, and I’m pretty proud of it. I drew a lot of inspiration from the coloring of 80s graphic novels, though it ended up being a lot more vibrant then that in the end. I’m currently working on the second issue, which will also feature a more crime drama story in addition to the current horror story. My friend is going for a story anthology format, which I appreciate. I’m kind of going for something similar with Sly Stories, but I just don’t have the time to have more then one comic ongoing at a time. Hopefully sometime in the future that could be a reality. You can check out the first issue of the comic on his site: