So Tales of Happenstance #2 has finally been finished, cover and all. The only thing left to do on it is any final preparations for any print run Joe might have planned. I would post the finished comic, but I’ll wait until Joe decided to publicly announce it himself. One thing I like about Twitter over the other forms of social media is being able to just retweet when other people announce stuff I would have announced anyway because it spares me the hassle of coming up with something to say myself.

With ToH#2 done, I wish that meant that I could immediately return SlyStories back to it’s original weekly schedule but I still have work to complete on my other website. There is only two sections I have to finished before I think the site is ready enough to make public. Unfortunately, those two sections are also the most daunting. The biggest issue though will probably just be figuring how to lay them out. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have that finished enough to post in a blog update.