So I did an art upgrade on Smoke Man #1. It’s been over a year since I’ve worked on that comic and it’s style is drastically different from the style of the story in it’s current form. Since I want the Smoke Man to exist as a complete package after it is finished, I figured I should make art look a bit more uniform (and a bit less ugly). Also, Smoke Man was envisioned as a much shorter series and went through several rewrites over the years. I always wanted to do some editing to the first issue’s story to make it better reflect the series in it’s current form. And this was a good excuse for that.

The process took a bit longer then I hoped it would, but the worst of it is over. Thankfully the art on Smoke Man #2 isn’t nearly as embarrassing or jarring in retrospect. A while back I hoped to update my other comics in a similar way, but it was hard enough to upgrade Smoke Man, the most recent series. Instead I am planning on phasing out my earlier stuff since I’d rather come out with new material instead of having to parade or fix embarrassing old stuff. Smoke Man isn’t even done and it’s already matched the length of all my previous work combined. This site has become somewhat less desperate for content so I’ll steadily edit things down to the quality products.

Smoke Man 1 art comparison