So I missed the update this Wednesday. I know thats a lousy way to lead into this announcement but I might as well make it now: Comics are temporarily going back to a once-a-week update schedule. This is only going to be in effect for the month of January, because hopefully I’ll be less busy by the time February rolls around. Right now I’m doing side work on top of my regular 9-to-5 job. I also just got the offer of paid illustration work as well, which is something I never had yet always wanted. I’m also planning to go away on vacation for the first time in months, and that’s going to probably eat away at least a week from my buffer of comics.

While I do still have an okay buffer, my weekly comic output has dipped significantly. The general rule for webcomics is to upload as many comics you can make per week -1, and I’m currently struggling to hit 2 a week. I would try to suck it up and maintain the pace but I also don’t want my updates to come down to wire either. I want to upload some other artwork to the site and redesign the site so I need some comfort in my weekly output to set aside time for that stuff. Nocturnal Natalie is also nearing it’s end and there will probably be a hiccup in the transition between this and the next comic. I’m going to have to write up a script and draw up character designs, covers, banners, and ads to get ready for the new story I have planned. Don’t get me wrong, less updates per week does make my life easier but deep down I’d much rather get Nocturnal Natalie over with so I can move on to the next story. Four comics a month blows, but I’d much rather have a consistent schedule then have people guessing whether or not I’ll make the next update. February will hopefully be a lot better.