So the second half of Nocturnal Natalie begins today. That’s pretty cool.  I actually bought a new desktop computer to replace my aged laptop and I’m wondering if it’ll be able to run my tablet properly. If it does, that may mean I might go back to tablet drawing but I’m still not sure if it’s better to just gain the experience with traditional medium first. It is nice not to lose a whole day of drawing just because my tablet decided to act up and drawing on paper is a lot more flexible in that I can do it anywhere without it being a major hassle. On the other hand, it’s way easier to produce clean results and go into detail with a tablet (among other things). Both have their advantages and disadvantages so I’ll have to think about which one would be a better choice. Even penciling by hand and inking on that tablet might be a good compromise because I’m way less proud of my regular inking then I am of my pencil sketching.