Like I said in my previous post from earlier in the month, I’m going to have to take this week off from comic updating to work on other stuff.  To make this obviously exciting news even better, I think for the next couple of months this site is going to move to a “every other week” schedule, at least until I get more of a handle of all the other things I’ve put on my plate. I’ll try to update this site with content from my other projects on the weeks I miss. Right now I’m currently working on a new web site, which was the secondary side project I mentioned in my previous post. It’s basically going to be a partner site that’s meant to serve as a portfolio/advertising site for me and the people I’m working with. I was hoping it would be semi-complete this week but as usual, my ideal schedule was far from realistic.  I could make the site super simple just to get it up and running ASAP  (like I did this site) but as I’m hoping to have it function somewhat as a portfolio site, I want to showcase my artistic capabilities as much as I can in the design.

So the new Smoke Man page will have to wait until next week, and I’ll probably miss the week after that one. My schedule will become way less busy in  a short amount of time as I plan free up more time for this stuff in the future, but until maybe January next year my schedule will be pretty tight. In the mean time, here is some preview art from Tales of Happenstance so I can have something to show for this week to prove I actually am working on stuff.

Tales of Happenstance Preview 2