So my friend Joe Ciano sent Tales of Happenstance #1 to the Ka-Blam digital printing recently and the copies have come in. You can check out the original Tales of Happenstance issue on Joe’s blog.  Joe is now going in for a second, better, and larger print run. Fun fact: Joe actually didn’t have enough pages for the book’s first print run and just loaded the last few pages with some of the ink-only versions of the pages. The newest print run will have stuff some actual behind-the-scenes material instead so I’m excited for that to arrive. I mostly just wanted to say how cool it is to have an actual printed comic in my hands. I also want to point out that being able to stick it in my collection of singles next to my X-Men comics and having it blend pretty seamlessly into my collection feels pretty sweet.

Tales of Happenstance Print Photo

We used Ka-Blam digital printing for this issue, which basically just prints out a set order of copies and mails them to you at a low price and with fantastic quality paper/ink/etc. I’m hoping to find a printer more suited for easy online distribution but Ka-Blam is great if you just want to order copies to hand out or sell yourself. Joe and I have mentioned getting a booth for Dragon Con next summer and handing these issues out (and hopefully the newer issue I’m currently working on), and it’s really got me thinking about print runs for my solo material. My hope is that Smoke Man will be done by then and I could maybe have my first actual trade. It’d be a small 60ish page trade but at this stage in my life having my own 60 page trade would be pretty mind blowing. Much in the same way that having my own 10 page single issue is already mind blowing.