So the ad campaign stuff has been working pretty well. I think this site has gotten double the amount of subscribers in the past week alone then in the three previous months combined. On the art side of things, I have ultimately decided to go back to working with a tablet, at least for inking. Looking at the past two pages actually live on the site, I’m just not happy with how messy my pen and paper art always looks to me. Maybe it’s because all the stuff online I see is done via tablet or maybe it because I can’t replicate that precision on paper but for now I’m just going to try to go with what gives me a cleaner, more professional look. I’m also worried about making large scale printed materials eventually, and that would mean I would have to get a larger scanner and all sorts of stuff in the future. I also want to make my next comic into a color comic, and I’m pretty awful with color, especially with traditional media. It does kind of feel like wimping out to not work with this format until I get better but I’m still so far from feeling satisfied with just the basics of illustration that I’d rather feel less ashamed of that before I start adventuring into more ambitious art territory. I did think these results worked a lot better then the pen and paper work I did for Young Anomalies,and I do want to go back to doing at least the pencils by hand. So this experience wasn’t a total waste.