Hey, I’m actually making a blog post, which can only mean one thing: yep, I’m going to miss another update. I’m going away this weekend, and there is just no time for me to make a full update. I’m sorry that my blog posts only come when I miss an update, but I never really think about making them unless I have nothing to put up on the site for the week. It has been a few months since the last time I missed an update and made a blog post to accompany it, so I might as well discuss some recent news. Smoke Man #1 is almost over, and it’s going to be the first in a 3 part series. I’m going to start advertising it as soon as the first issue is finished and I’m also probably going to finally look for some way to get some sponsored ads on this site as well. I’m sure I have enough content at this point to convince Project Wonderful that this site isn’t just some byproduct of afternoon boredom that will be abandoned soon.

I am planning to make Smoke Man #2 a bit more ambitious in it’s layout since I’m interested in breaking out of this boxy format. This is for the sake of creating more visual dynamic and also because drawing compressed stories is really, really time consuming. I can see why a lot of modern artists love loading up their books with full page spreads, it’s a lot easier then drawing multiple moments in time in each page.  This is really the next step in my experimenting because I have decided my next story is going to be in color and I want to able to pick up the pace in my weekly art schedule to allow for the extra time I will need for that. I personally enjoy my current format because it compresses the story but telling so much story in so few pages does make each page take forever.  I will probably seek a “less is more approach” and not go completely decompressed. My general ideal would be something akin to Will Eisner’s Spirit, which often had numerous panels on a page but would break them up in interesting ways, as illustrated here:

Will Eisner's The Spirit

1966 Will Eisner Studios Inc./Courtesy of Denis Kitchen Art Agency 

Speaking of more decompressed stories, Tales of Happenstance #2 is currently in the works. And I use the term decompressed as a term of endearment in this case, because the larger panel sizes really makes this book way more fun to draw then my own stories most of the time. Hopefully I’ll have the second issue done if not mostly done by next month. In the interest of getting some actual art on this site up for this week, here is some preview art from the newest comic. As you can see, there will be a new genre being explored here by me and the writer, Joe Ciano. I’m very excited to see how it turns out.

Tales of Happenstance

You can read the first Tales of Happenstance on the writer’s website here: