So I just realized I started drawing the last page of Nocturnal Natalie. It’s always a weird feeling actually finishing a comic and I say that as a guy that has only finished two full comics so far. On one hand it’s nice to have finished something, but it sucks because I will never be able to actually ever read what I just finished ever again. You might suggest the option is always there, but that only would prove you have no idea the agony I feel looking at my old comics. I feel kind of like a machine cranking out products, never really being able to understand these odd human trinkets I am making. Plus, this means I have to start the script and storyboard for my next comic. As monotonous as it is to whip out a piece of paper and work on my next preplanned page written months prior, it is nice to just go on autopilot and just draw for a few hours. But now I have to do a ton of thinking before I can go back to mindless drawing. What a bummer.