So I haven’t made a blog update in a while. There was a reason I was trying to keep these on a regular schedule because updating when I feel like saying something usually translates to “never.” I do actually have some news worth sharing now, so here we are. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to return to a biweekly schedule anytime soon. I’m currently drawing another comic for a write on the side and it was hard enough getting 2-3 pages a week without another comic to draw. This second comic is also kind of a rush job to boot. This will be my first paid comic illustration work ever so I really want to do a good job with it and make the writer satisfied. It’s also a horror-themed comic so it’s kind of perfect with the kind of style I’m playing with right now.  I will make sure that this site doesn’t miss it’s updates though and hopefully I’ll be able to focus on getting Sly Stories back to biweekly updates when things settle down. In the meantime, here are some character sketches I made for this side project in case you’re interested. I probably won’t be able to post that story on this site (though I don’t know where it will appear yet), so this will be the only online evidence of it for the time being.

Another Night