So I missed the blog update on Wednesday, but that’s mainly because I couldn’t think of much to talk about. I keep wanting to add something substantive to these blog posts but it never feels like I have enough time to prepare something interesting for them. I’m going to start making blog posts once a week for the time being. Maybe I’ll have more material when I start making sketches for the next comic after Nocturnal Natalie or when Nocturnal Natalie is finished and I can show the drafts I went through to make this current story. I mostly struggled on the designs of the creatures from Natalie’s nightmares. I never did become fully happy with them but there is a point where you stop making sketches and start creating something.

Things are looking to get busy over the next couple of weeks, but I’m really hoping that they don’t interfere too much with the schedule of this comic. I’ve been offered some work on the side on top of my regular job and it’s already been tough making two comics a week under my previous schedule. Plus the holidays are almost here and I’ll have to take some time off to visit relatives too. I do still have a two week or so buffer and I’m hoping it’ll be sufficient. I hope I don’t have to revert back to a once-a-week schedule but we’ll see how that goes.