I keep meaning to post blog updates on the off weeks I’m not posting up a comic, but I keep failing to do so. I’m hoping to turn that around because the lack of regular updates has been adding some adverse effects to the site’s performance, with one of the major ones being me losing advertising due to the lack of traffic on my ad box. Blog posts are a poor substitute for comics, which is why I never feel like making them, but I have to remind myself that it’s better than letting this site just remain stagnant. I’m going to try to give more regular updates from here on, which is something I’m sure I’ve said before. Lets see how long I hold to that.

I’ve actually completed one of the major projects eating up my schedule lately with Tales of Happenstance #2 finally finishing. It only took me about six months to do 10 pages, so that’s pretty good, right? To give some excuses for myself, this comic did come about during a period where I was radically reinventing my process for drawing comics to try to speed things up. During that period I also radically improved in art style due to me refocusing on human anatomy so I redid a lot of my older panels several times until I was finally happy with them. Coloring was also a time eater as I was largely learning as I went and it was only until the last couple of pages that I started hitting the notes I really wanted. You can see the radically different coloring styles in the comic itself when it’s finally online.

Tales of Happenstance Comic Color Preview

My coloring process would be helped if I had the same amount of practice per day as I do with penciling and inking. I draw every day for SlyStories, but I avoided color because these pages take long enough already. I do want to make these comics in color, but for consistencies’ sake I’m going to wait until The Smoke Man is finished. Part of me wants to go and recolor all my old stuff for practice in the mean time but that might also require me to redraw a significant amount of my old material, which is an idea I’ve considered but I’m still iffy on. Part of me does want to redraw my embarrassing early art but  I also know the time would probably be better spent making new stories.

I’m hoping to return to my own consistent update schedule and move it somewhere beyond merely just once a week. That’s not what’s going to happen just yet, but I’m closer to that goal than I was a month ago with Tales of Happenstance #2 finally fnished. I still have to finish my second website before I can return to my regular schedule, but once that’s done my work load will be significantly decreased. I’ll keep this site updated with the status of everything in the meantime.