Here is some random artwork made my me. This page is super thread-bare at the moment but my hope is to fill this page with some extra bonus content like sketches, concept art, and unused images in the future when I have some spare time.

Young Anomalies Artwork

Young Anomalies Draft Cover Artwork

The original, more painterly cover for Young Anomalies, a comic about young children with strange abilities. Young Anomalies was one of the first comics to be featured on Sly Stories.


Sylvester Krapa Self Portrait

This is a self portrait I made in preparation for the above illustration as a test run to see if I can even go for a more painterly style.


Sylvester Krapa Self Portrait 2015

An updated and more recent self-portrait that experiments with color, something I hope to use more often in the future.


Dungeons and Dragons

This is a piece of fan art featuring the characters from the first Dungeons and Dragons group I ever served as Dungeon Master for. It was made mostly as a test of my coloring skills.


Nero Commission

A commission I made based on my work on the above fantasy illustration. It was also a good opportunity to do a more dynamic fantasy scene as well.


Cyclops Fan Art

This is a piece of fan art I made about Cyclops from the X-Men that I made to test my ability to paint more detailed outfits.