I’m making a news update, which of course means that its because I don’t have a completed comic to upload. Unfortunately, my schedule has been incredibly tight recently and any interruption means missing an update at this point. It wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t so insanely behind on my work, but I am. This week’s interruption was an unexpected trip to comic con as I just recently came across some tickets thanks to my friend, Joe Ciano, the author behind Tales of Happenstance. It was a productive trip though since we were actually handing out copies of Tales of Happenstance to people within the industry and managed to get some feedback for some of them. It was mostly constructive criticism, but that’s really hard to come by and very useful.

Tales of Happenstance is also the second part of the delay since, I’ve been working on it an insane amount of time and still haven’t even gotten to the coloring. Hopefully taking this week off will allow that book’s release date to be a bit more within sight. Also, I hate to announce another missed update not too far down the line from this one, but I also am planning to take a little vacation near the end of this month. Since I won’t have enough time because of that to complete a comic, I am planning to work on a secondary side project. Hopefully I will be able to announce it instead of a comic during that week.