About Us: This is a webcomic site about various stories written by me, Sylvester Krapa. New comics get uploaded every Saturday.  Hopefully, updates will become more frequent as time progresses. The site is still relatively sparse in my opinion, but my goal is to populate this place with lots of different stories that are unique and interesting.

Check the Comics section to see which comics are currently on the site. So far, I have three different stories in three separate genres. Many more diverse genres and stories will be featured over time and my hope is to have the site and it’s content grow over time. If you check out Joe Ciano blog, you can also check out collaborative commission work I have made with him.

This site is on all the social networks so follow me on one or all of them if you are interested enough in the site’s content.. I also have a blog on this site that I update super infrequently. I would greatly appreciate any feedback in order to improve this site and it’s content. I’m always looking for way to improve my work so don’t hesitate to leave any comments or criticism.

Questions, comments, and requests can be sent to sly@slystories.com.