There isn’t going to be an update this weekend unfortunately. I’m going away this weekend to visit some friends and while the newest comic is almost finished, there is no way it’s going to be done before I leave tomorrow morning.  Other artists seem to often forgo sleep in order to make their updates but I’ve recently got my sleep schedule to the healthiest level it’s been in my entire life and I’d rather not disrupt that delicate balance.  This will be the first update I miss purely from being unable to keep up with my work schedule, and it’s a big bummer for me. I could just post it on the Monday I get back, but I’m going to be in tough shape for next week then after losing all the potential drawing time this weekend. At this point it’s better to cut my loss and make sure the updates after this week are like clockwork rather then kill myself to keep a schedule.

It doesn’t help that I’m going away for a comic convention next week too. It’s only one day, but it’ll add to the catching up I have to do. More importantly, I’m working on the second issue on Tales of Happenstance and I’ve barely started. There is no hard deadline on these comics but I’d rather not keep my friend waiting indefinitely. I’m working on methods to speed up my weekly drawing speed to allow me a chance to work on that side project, but so far my entire week is being consumed by this one page per week.  I may have to dump hand lettering since that usually eats up almost a day of drawing all by itself. You wouldn’t expect it but hand drawing letters is a lot more work then it appears. That bums me out because I really started getting into hand drawn lettering but it’s just not feasible to me to work on two different comics per week at the pace I’m currently working at. I already skimmed my sketching process heavily. Aside from the lettering, I also want to quicken my drawing speed by being more efficient with backgrounds. It may not seem like it, but I massively overthink a lot of my backgrounds. And then I end up obscuring it a lot with black to keep the visual focus on the foreground characters or just replace it with a more abstract emotion background anyway to break up the repetition. A lot of it is my insecurity with backgrounds since I’ve always skimmed them my entire life.  Now that I’m getting serious about art I’m overcompensating for that time lost and I seriously just need to ease off on that compulsion a bit.